How hygiene is your mobile phone?

Mobile phone evolution

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TVC-Total Viable Content shows a qualitative informations about the microorganisms such as enzyme,bacteria present in the sample.British researchers examine the mobile handsets and found almost 25 percentages of them are so begrime that almost 10 times more than the accepted TVC level of bacteria contents in mobile phones.It is 18 times more possible harmful germicides than the toilet’s flush handle.This can led to severe stomach upset.


The researcher’s carried out study for the “Which?magazine revealed these unbelievable but true information.The prospective disease can be intestine diseases, food poisoning. The bugs can jump to yours hand through yours mobile phone and vice versa and incidentally this will lead to some infections .”Which?” magazines’ Ceri Stanaway said “Most phones did not have nay harmful bacteria that you make you sick straight away but they were grubbier than they could be.”

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