Having trouble entering Activation Key into an iolo product

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The first and most important possibility is an Internet connection must be established for the licensing verification process to complete during installation.So, if you do not have internet connectivity then sorry you cannot activate iolo products. The second possibility might be entering wrong product serial number so be careful while entering the information.Be careful of different products or different product versions.The third possibility might be letter O and the number 0 and it gives a lot of confusion so observe the difference careful and try to memorize it.

The fourth possibility might be spaces in activation keys will cause error.License information for one iolo product is not interchangeable with another iolo product.Try double-checking the following: the letters O, l (lower-case L), I (capital i); and the numbers 0 (zero) and 1 (one). Fifth possibility might be by clearing  the browser cache before entering the licensing information as

The sixth possibility might be if you are in such a situation like have a User ID and Serial Number but the product activation requires an Activation key then you should enter your Serial Number as the Activation Key and observe it accepts it or not. The seventh step must be known by all contact iolo technologies’ Customer Care department. (Source: iolo-KBA-02073)

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