Have You Exhausted your Quota?


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It is no gain-thinking on the availability of quota when I have finished my share altogether by my reckless spendthrift actions spanning over a period of six decades. Am I going to gain ruminating over the past? Is it absolutely necessary that my daily diet comprises sugar, salt, fat and lamb? My answer is in negative; a big “NO”.

 When the Almighty has given me so many things to choose from without myself asking for it, why should I cling on to a handful of varieties which are as old as my birth? Let me be attuned to a new age, a new choice and a novel experiment. Sugar, oil, fat and salt are all taste-makers; but with so many alternatives and substitutes. I think a change of habit is paramount. I have to switch over to a food-habit which does not pose any vulnerability of quota principle. One thing is sure, God wants me to change my food-habits as my earlier food-habits have grown old and outdated.


Why God has not fixed quota for green vegetables and for sprouted pulses? Yes, it is due to the fact that these are godly consumables. Why should not I go for such items which I can freely consume as long as I live? Earlier, I used to mix up two table-spoons of sugar to a glassful of milk; but now the same quantity of sugarless milk offers me the same taste and sweetness. Vegetables without oil taste me as good as my fatty dish earlier, if not better  Similarly, no curry needs salt now. Taste is a state of mind. A spiceless dish can be tastier than fatty and spicy dish. It all depends on the type of habit I cultivate.

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