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Genie Timeline detects changes monitored files when  the run . Genie Timeline detects changes as soon as they are made. With Genie’s Intelli CDP, changes will be backed up at different time intervals based on the file’s size and type . It  is one of better back up solution with its Pro features adding disaster recovery this feature not in one but the version of Genie Timeline does a quiet and efficient work with maximum efficiency and making and saving yours important files and folder to the location which you have specified after installation , the saved file location will not be in system drive that is generally on “C”.

You can turn off PC while the first back up function is running and Genie Timeline will resume where it left off without any problems. You can also turn off your pc during any backup run.You do not need to close the files while it is backing up , as Genie Timeline uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup open and locked files so that there is no need to close the programs you are working on.You can force Genie Timeline to back up now at any time open the Genie Timeline Dashboard and click Run now.


In performance of Genie Timeline back up option available one is smart mode and the other is turbo mode . Smart mode Auto-adjust memory and CPU based on your computer usage.It is recommended while you are doing active works on yours system as it will not let yours system down , on the other hand this back up is slow and steady .In turbo mode it allows your backups to run faster with full speed . In fact it is amazing fast and serious and it backs up in a zippy but it consumes higher percentages of CPU usage so it is recommended while you are off from the computer and you want the back up now .

You have control when to pause and resume backups.Genie Timeline saves the data on the backup drive just like the folderfile structure on your PC. Therefore, you can view your data on any machine.

Genie Timeline is a robust application providing a speedy method for backing up all your data. The free version is sufficient for most cases, however, the Home and Pro versions do offer some benefits including the ability to encrypt and compress data, the option to specify the backup frequency, the option to automatically purge data when the disc becomes full, the ability to create a Smart Disaster Recovery disc (helpful when your computer has completely crashed) and many other features.”(


Download Genie Timeline Free , The difference between the Genie Timeline editions; Free, Home, and Pro

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