Disenable Geo location feature in Safari

Geo location as the name suggests all that is the geographic location of the user.If this feature is enabled on web browser as it is most of times automatically enabled then any website you surf and if that website is asking for yours physical location then the browser which have Geo location enabled , will send the user’s geo location requesting for the same to the web site you visited.So, it can be said of a privacy concern so the question now is how to get rid of geo location feature of browsers and to day we will know about Safari and will learn how to disenable the geo location feature in Safari.


What is safari in brief:

Safari is a web browser—an application that helps you find, view, and interact with webpages. Safari is designed to maximize your view of webpages, so you’ll find minimal controls, such as a scroll bar that appears only when it’s needed, and customizable toolbars that you can hide so more of the window is available for content.
Safari 5 includes new features that help you quickly find the websites you want, such as Top Sites and a full history search. History search uses Cover Flow to let you flip through full-page previews of the sites you visited in the past, so you can easily spot the one you want to revisit.

Disable Geo location feature in Safari:

As of today lots of web trackers are present and being used by webmasters in order to track user’s activities, user’s activities on their site ,time spent and to which location they are browsing and so on so hence forth these information can be used by the webmasters in order to enhance their blog writings and also they can know with  this on which subject they will be writing more and more.This has very severe privacy concerns as they may give yours p[personal statistics to software vendors in order to get giveaways for their blogs or websites in order to garner more and more traffic.So, the browser in which the user is browsing is by default is giving away yours Geo location to the webmasters , those sought for this so, to avoid this is simple as Safari 5 gives very simple mechanisms in which you can disenable or disable this feature and can feel safe at least for the geo location point of view.

  •  Start Safari browser(version 5). Go to Safari preferences (Cltr+,) then click on it.
  • Then the pop up menu will be displayed, click on security
  • then un check “allow website to ask for local information” that is Location services.
  • You are done and if still doubt then please. refer the screenshot for visual instructions.


So, from now on you will be surfing the web leisurely as yours location informations will not be transferred through yours favorite Safari browser.

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