Disenable Geo location feature in Opera

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Definitely ,my favorite web browser is for the last four years continuously and without any scintilla of doubt is Opera.It is primarily because of its speed,stability that is the better way to better speed,smart automatic turbo speed mode and more now compatibility with most of WebPages and with lots of add-ons like Opera unite, opera links to name a few.

Now to the topic of the heading of this article, how to disenable geo location feature in Opera, first we have to know what is Geo location as the name suggests all that is the geographic location of the user.If this feature is enabled on web browser as it is most of times automatically enabled then any website you surf and if that website is asking for yours physical location then the browser which have Geo location enabled , will send the user’s geo location requesting for the same to the web site you visited.

So, it can be said of a privacy concern so the question now is how to get rid of geo location feature of browsers and to day we will know about Opera and will learn how to disenable the geo location feature in Opera.

Disenable Geo location feature in Opera

Disable Geo location feature in Opera:

  • Start Opera browser. Type opera:config in the address bar and  Enter .
  • You now reach at Preferences Editor, type geo location in the search box of Preferences Editor.
  • Now you will see Geo location option in Preferences Editor.
  • Click to uncheck” Enable Geolocation” option, if confused observe  the screenshot above.
  • Then click save button and you are done.Now you can make carefree web browsing without worrying about yours physical location being circulated to websites you are visiting and of course to those websites which request for this information.

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