Manually patch Blogger template for Disqus:1

Using Disqus on this weblog,for better commenting experience , also integration with various other famous social services with Disqus is easy and very smooth.After making custom domain with blogger, have to customize some part of the blogger html template and in this process unknowingly deleted some part of Disqus automatically patch which earlier done and the resultant is the process where Disqus is not loading.After making hectic search of this blogger html part,found that some part of the JavaScript file link is missing ,perhaps deleted by mistake while making blogger theme customization.

 Manually patch blogger template for Disqus

So, the next step is what simply log in to Disqus platform and upload this blog template only to my utter disappointment Disqus said unable to repair it automatically and this means only two road ahead for me.Install the blog theme again and then Disqus will patch it automatically or the more convenient for this writer at least like a savior.Disqus should look this bug , as some modification of blog theme html after automatically patch of Disqus, and if some part of Disqus modified in certain way then it cannot be automatically patched , as wrote earlier only two ways either fresh installation of Disqus or manually patch.


Manual patching of Disqus is not as easy as it seems to be as most of times failed at least for this writer but luckily this time successful so a better lesson is as always back up your template before you do anything to yours blog theme template.right absolutely right.This guide is from Disqus , here only repetition.This guide will have you searching your template code and inserting, or replacing it with, Disqus code. Please keep a backup of your template, and only attempt this if you are comfortable with modifying HTML.Go to Settings > Comments and change Comments Default for Posts to New Posts Do Not Have Comments

Save your settings, and that’s it. Your Blogger template should be patched with Disqus installed.


In the next post the entire coding part of “Manually patch your Blogger template to use Disqus”.Some important fact , this not done by this writer but just seen on the Disqus website and have some bad experience earlier with Disqus and the process of manual patching and thus discovered this on Disqus.

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