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ittech is more concerned with computer tech related articles, there was a time when I try to post giveaways from other sites and also there was a time when I just write this blog for leisurely activities but now I am busy and preoccupied with my professional commitments as never before and I have to travel a lot and also lots of seminar and speeches and presentations as it seems life has changed a lot of course for better ,.

I am now bit serious about this blogging,posting of articles and its content relevancy , now from the simple BlogSpot blog to now custom domain blog and in the future planning a full fledged website and hosting blog on separate hosts or in simpler term blogging through FTP .These are the ideas that are in the pipeline and it will be implemented soon hopefully so.

In the travel section and the food section of this blog most of the articles written by my daddy and he loves travelling and food.In the last Sunday I got one letter from [email protected]  for Invitation to join Top AllTravelingSites.Com . Basically I do the blogging related to blog enhancement and coding activities during the weekends and on this weekend I plan to go through all travelingsites and join then so that ittech will be more visible.Its traffic down drastically last month mainly due to fact that I change the blog theme after many experiments of do and redo and also I change the blog’s feed address for more convenient remembrance for long term outlook and vision.Following is “Invitation to join Top AllTravelingSites.Com ” letter to ittech

I invite you to join our top with traveling, destinations sites and more:
Our top have a  friendly interface and it offers free web promotion for your site.
You can find:
-title and description;
– screenshot of your website
-statistics about the number of your visitors(unique/pageviews);
-comments about your site;
-the ranking is  by sites unique visitors in a week;
-first 5 sites are scrolling in the right side of the site on all site pages;
-7 sites are selected random and showed on the header slideshow of the site;
-statistics with the visitors you got from our top;
After you join our top take the voting code and put in your site
to be accepted to our site.

We’ll be expecting you at to subscribe your
site.  If you have any question  don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time.

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