Education on Customer Service: 2

My requirement was the regular supply of a particular tablet of meagre cost which remained unavailable for all these years, though i had tried at every retail outlet relentlessly through self and through others, being contented with the substitute thereof which hardly gave me the comfort of the originally prescribed tablet.

I was not at all a customer of the new retailer i visited and my approach to him was only incidental and casual as i had made it a habit to ask every medicine shop i visited over the years hoping against hope to get the supply. The man immediately greeted me gleefully as i rushed to his shop and offered me help despite heavy rush of customers and contacted a number of dealers and whole- sellers across chennai and delhi spending his most valuable and scarce time on a trivial transaction which was a loss for him so far as the cost factor on mobile bill was concerned.

Education on customer service

But after 35 to 40 minutes of hectic trial, he seemed like hitting the jackpot as inimitable and winning smile played across his lips. He asked me to kindly give him my cell phone number so as to enable him to contact me as the consignment arrived. Indeed, the consignment arrived on the third day and i collected the booty on the third day itself without any extra charge for postal expenses which the retailer bore.

This was a very simple strategy by the retailer which fetched him a new customer whose full loyalty is assured for him as i have decided to stay his customer for ever.

This for me is an education on customer service and a very practical and highly effective one as a single help by the retailer could shatter my brand-loyalty of four decades as i vowed to become a loyal customer of the new dealer.

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