DVD PixPlay V6.0 Released

DVD PixPlay from Xequte Software allows you to create slideshow discs from your digital photos and videos for playback on DVD players and computers. .  V6.0 revamps and enhances some great  features. As the author puts "Creating software can be a rewarding and exciting occupation; sometimes the Code Gods will smile down upon you and you’ll add a feature that makes you step back * and say, "Wow".  I had that experience twice while we were developing DVD PixPlay v6, so I hope you feel a little of the same excitement when you try out the new release! "


Performance Improvements  speed up loading, saving and slideshow generation though it is good but the author still feels this depends upon the amount of Ram you have.It now includes the audio when importing PowerPoint presentations .DVD menu enhancements, it is good and good for visual experiences such as double stars,crosses and hearts in the menu."Go to Frame" dialog makes navigation easy and new shortcuts to quickly advance though the slideshow .

Updated graphics, modern windows styled thumbnail grids and a new skin, "Chrome" .Larger 3D grips to make resizing easier, alignment guide lines to help line up objects, quick addition of your own images and clip art, improved previews and more. 26 cool transition effects featuring hearts, stars, crosses makes it a beautiful software.All the effects are now categorized.Now videos can be interspersed amongst your photos and title pages and maintain their soundtrack.It is applicable for all slideshow formats plus reveal and animation Effects and music CD support .The more about Music CD Support and Reveal and Animation Effects in the next post , please stay tuned.


Complete Change List , Get DVD PixPlay V6.0


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