Comodo Firewall + Antivirus release notes

Version 4.1.150349.920 : 9 June, 2010
Comodo Firewall   Antivirus release notes (Small)

NEW! Sandbox button in elevated privilege alerts: Privilege elevation alerts now include a sandbox button to run installers in limited mode.
IMPROVED! Default security policy is modified so that outbound firewall connection alerts are shown for the unknown applications.
IMPROVED! Online Lookup: Defense+ now checks the applications online in real-time before automatically sandboxing them.
FIXED! Incompatibility problems with many applications(e.g. HD Speed, Autocad etc)
FIXED! Already submitted files can be submitted again under certain conditions
FIXED! Defense+ does not show protected registry key modification alerts for sandbox applications in Windows XP 64
FIXED! Windows System Restoration fails because of file sfi.dat
FIXED! Cfp.exe freezes while showing real-time virus detection dialog
FIXED! Antivirus crashes while scanning certain files

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