Unique Bharat (India):2

  • Satya juga re India ku Bharat boli kuha jauthila.

  • Aryabhatta zero digit ku world ku deichanti.

  • Chess ra invention India re hoithila.

  • World’s First Granite Temple heuchi Brihadeswara temple . Eha  Tamil Nadu re Tanjavur thare abstita .

  • World’s first university heuchi Takshila. Eha 700 BC re pratistha karajaithila.Ethire  10,500  tharu adhika  students from all over the world ru study kariparuthile also 60 ru adhika subjects upare teaching  diajauthila.

  • "pi" ra value  6th century re  first Indian Mathematician  Budhayana calculate karithile. Pare ehaku  Pythagorean Theorem  bhabare samaste janagala.

  • Ladakh valley re thiba the Dras and Suru rivers majhire Baily  Bridge abasthita. Eha world ra sabu tharu Highest bridge  . August  1982 re  Indian Army nka dwara eha nirmana karajaithila.

Eha thila some specific information of Bharat and eha second edition Unique Bharat edition ra and this time eha Odia re lekhagala .

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