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The heading of this post “To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit:” something awkward actually I failed to find a heading for this post,why I am telling it now in detail.In my Gmail account earlier days, I subscribed to a newsletter names ([email protected]) so that I could get their newsletter straight into my inbox for reading.For some reason I want it to unsubscribe this.At  the end of this newsletter written how to unsubscribe :

This monthly newsletter was sent to you because you subscribed. If you would like to unsubscribe please use the link at the bottom of this email.
MakeUseOf Limited
1007 Argyle Street
Glasgow, G3 8LZ / UK

The link of unsubscribe this newsletter is

and then I click the link but to my utter surprise , my antivirus suit Vipre Antivirus blocked it and the suit says in a new tab as follows.

blocked by VIPRE

So, in this way I cannot unsubscribe this newsletter after trying a few times, as it seems  and easy to understand it is pathetic to know that unsubscritpion link of this newsletter may have been embedded with some ad and that is the reason Vipre Antivirus Suit blocked it.There are other ways to block it in my Gmail so I awarded this newsletter to “spam” and it is now running it into my spam folder of Gmail but still to date ma unable to unsubscribe.Strange!

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