Security Measures from Microsoft to protect one’s company’s confidential Information on Office Live Small Business

Microsoft goes with  the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) when developing software.The process entails a series of security-focused activities and deliverables during each phase of Microsoft’s software development process, including the development of threat models during software design and arch typing , through  code-scanning tools and devices during software implementation, reviewing of codes , and security testing during the during a focused "security push".  It must undergo a final security review by an independent development team from the team specified above before software can be released. So it has been seen it significantly reduced rate of security vulnerabilities being discovered.


The data of yours at  Office Live Small Business is stored in computer systems with limited access that are located in controlled facilities with Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC).The MSRC searches  information about software vulnerabilities, watches  for evidence of security instances, and then responds quickly to patch and secure customers from security threats when they emerge.

Office Live Small Business is a complete set of services that are designed to serve the needs of small businesses, which also includes the ability to store and share documents.

When you sign up for Office Live Small Business, you automatically get a fourth-level domain name based on your user name. It looks something like your can replace your fourth-level domain with a custom domain by purchasing from there of you want to otherwise yours fourth level domain can manage yours work.Domain redelegation is possible also that lets you tell your current domain registrar to associate your domain name with new website hosting and email services of Office Live Small Business. I have seen it is not accepting the domains like this web log but it is accepting the domain redelgation of dot com and other renewed services and if you have and if you want to then you can go ahead and use the Office Live Small Business hosting place for free!

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