Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Mailinator : Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Malinator: Part 1 published Monday


How do I check the email on Mailinator?


check the mailbox  on Mailinator

 via RSS

via a widget

via your web browser




What can I do with the email address?


You should use it web forms,forums or any free full software offer which requires yours email id and you desperately need it and want it in hurry so come to Mailinator and no sign up easy receiving of emails.


What is Mailinator Abuse page !


If you use Mailinator at a high speed of any automated system is accessing  it in high speed then that email id of which you should have created with Mailinator earlier should be temporary ban by Mailinator otherwise Mailinator itself can be banned from websites.How to get over from this , it is simple just stop using Mailinator for  ten to fifteen minutes , during this time close the tab of Mailinator website which you should have been toying with , access other favorites site of yours during this time and then left after ten to fifteen minutes to Mailinator and you should be reading yours email again. So how Mailinator abuse page look alike.



mailinator 4


It is considered one of the better and very effective disposable email service around.Mailinator also offers an additional ‘widget’ to post your emails to the disposable email account onto your website.Email sent to an alternate domain goes to Mailinator too!It has a list of alternate domains which you can use of.


[ Mailinator ]


End of “Protect yours privacy and avoid spam with Malinator” two part series.


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