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Soft-tech is not just about software or related to it, it is now a way of life. Everything around us is flowering to the symphony of the tech-world , gadgets gizmos and  more . It turns into a philosophy , that pervades almost every aspect of our lives.


The term “ PROSUMERISM” is an offshoot of the open source movement and is the rise of term . It has many meanings and derivatives and among many one meaning is a mixture of a professional and consumer. It is the meaning derived from mash up of a consumer and producer. The will have active role, in making and shaping of a product, Which he/she uses in daily routine.


As , now –a-days companies are moving for active participation of consumer and thus moving slowly to them to Prosumer role of action, through surveys , reviews of their products which can influence their research and development (R&D) of a product. The  FOSS movement which has given rise to this participative from of product development thus creating more and more prosumer, through crowd sourcing, mass culture, forums, in a single sentence it is a culture driven by masses. Prosumer  will be exactly the same manner, informing guests about new products more tilted towards technology especially software reviews, their free promotions and more informations. Even the suggestions and comments you give is a sense of crowd sourcing and prosumerism.



Thus we will be involved in bringing to the market innovative real world softwares based on the collective  intelligence of us. Other than  crowd sourcing , idea creation, collative intelligence , Prosumer will be exceeding any other man-made repository of information available for good to pubic , sea of knowledge, discovery , fighting against piracy . Prosumer tries to straddle the line between free and commercial softwares. Yours comments and our reviews thus making us Prosumer, together will make a product , will enhance the original product (software), and form an integral part of the sum total of human Knowledge. We, the define the knowledge, stepping stone of the next era of product development. Let us all work together and make life lot easier for ourselves lot easier for ourselves and everyone around us.


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