premier commenting system available on the Internet for blogs and websites

You can give your blog readers the opportunity to better engage your blog’s content and each other.The value of insightful comments,end to maze of sub-par comments and responses.comment voting,cutting through all of the other nonsense comments,subscribe to comment RSS feeds can be found on premier commenting system available on the Internet for blogs and websites named IntenseDebate.After installing this you will notice increase in reader engagement,enriches your site’s community,reply by email,threaded comments,social traffic drive,comment voting.IntenseDebate supports install process for WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and Tumblr with more .You can install IntenseDebate on a custom site also generic snippet of JavaScript for custom installs also available and all this for free !


Creating an account is a piece of cake , just visit here ,choose a username, enter your email and password and done.To Install Intense Debate go to and enter your blog or website url and select "Get Intense Debate” and follow the steps through install process.One short coming is that it will not achieve yours existing comments only the newer comments will show up  in the Intense Debate and the older comments before this installation will stay but not show of in the IntenseDebate charter.By default, all of your previous comments will remain as they are.Sorry there is one way to import all these previous comments to Intense Debate in one go,but sadly as per my knowledge goes Blogger importer and exporter are currently disabled due to some bugs.Just check the site if they have updated it or so.

One thing named as Avatar / Gravatar is of good integration and especially if you have Gravatar then it will show nice to you in yours comment profile.Twitter & FriendFeed integrations there and it is common and now-a-days prerequisite.OpenID sometimes not working, and the installation on Blogger is not automated at least in my system security setting and it is is unlike disqus so you have to manually edit HTML in blogger, I do not know whether this has been corrected or not but be sure to check it out.It works excellent with IE8 so install while on IE 8.It is for sure after installing this you will notice yours blog’s slow appearance as it uses java script and usual java script is slow to load.


Sometimes in some browsers IntenseDebate comment system not showing so it is better to enable JavaScript and then check yours blog and it will resurface.So install IntenseDebate the premier commenting system available on the internet for yours websites/blog before anyone does.

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