I receive an error when uninstalling IntenseDebate from my Blogspot blog. What do I do?

These instructions are for removing template installs of IntenseDebate.

If you encounter an error uninstalling IntenseDebate on your BlogSpot blog you will need to manually remove the IntenseDebate code from your blog template. Here’s how you do it:


1. Make sure you backup your template! You can do this by going to the Layout tab in your Blogger admin panel followed by the Edit HTML sub-tab. Select the Download Full Template option and save it to your desktop.

2. Open your template file using any text editing program and save the file as "Modified Template." The purpose of this is to ensure that you have a backup of your original template in case you need to revert to it. You will be using the "Modified Template" file to remove IntenseDebate.

3. You will need to locate the IntenseDebate code. To do this please use the "Find" command (on a PC use the command ctrl f , on a mac use the command apple f). Type in IntenseDebate.

4. Remove anything inside the <!–IntenseDebate div to the end of it <!–/IntenseDebate. Search for all instances of that div and remove them.

5. Now you need to search for <!–Intense Debate-PREID. Remove all instances of <!–Intense Debate-PREID and at the end remove the –>.

6. Save the file as a .XML file.

7. Upload your modified template to your BlogSpot blog and check your blog to see that everything is in order.


Sources and Citations:IntenseDebate FAQ


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