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May be some awkward heading as you can think of this. – Site Check, absolutely you are right.  Websites come and go.  Connections break and are restored. A week back was down and when I check it it shows down ,bit confused whether my internet connection is down or something else or host or domain problem of favicon host problem so doubts crippled in my mind and then I made one deep Google search.Just got one site which will check let is down or not and also if it is down then it will send you in yours email when it is up so quite a bit of fascinating service and I decide to write a small blog of it and also please be mention if you know some other service better than this of course for constant monitoring I use the Pingdom free account but today I am talking about the instant monitoring of website part.


Such a site is – Site Check. It is a simple service that allows a user to check to see if a site is actually down, or if it is just the user’s machine or network. If you are experiencing problems accessing a specific website, simply enter the website’s URL in the form above, and will attempt to access the URL provided and report back on whether it was able to access the website or not.


As – Site Check suggests and I like this feature most is as follows:


For websites that we cannot access, we’ll continue trying the website every 15 minutes for up to 3 days. If we are successful at accessing the website, we’ll send you an e-mail. We also offer SMS Notifications (still in beta. Standard text message rates apply).


So in brief if you have problem in accessing a specific website or yours own and if you have doubt whether it is yours machine’s fault or of networks then simply go to – Site Check , and enter yours URL and click check this site and you are done. In addition to it it has Firefox/IE Search Bar and if you are bit lazy and want to search and examine directly from yours web browsers interface !Some additional tips in this website there are some 5 to 6 such providers but as far as my recommendations goes this website is top among all which is featured.


[ – Site Check ]


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