Use Twitter with Text Messaging!

Twitter is more fun when used through your mobile phone. I personally prefer the web version though.Setting up using twitter with text messaging is smart easy.Believe it or not it is easy.Standard message and data rates may apply of the mobile operator.Log in to yours existing twitter account if you have not then you can create one for yours by going here.Then log in to yours account .Then at the top of yours account go to Settings, then Mobile and then you reach at a page where everything is self explanatory.

Use Twitter with Text Messagin 2

Choose your country as it seems it is not available for every country so first check whether you qualify for it or say otherwise whether yours country is in the twitter’s list then enter your mobile phone number ,then choose yours mobile career and click verify button and verify it.


Use Twitter with Text Messaging


What is the gain accessing twitter from mobile:

The prime question is what is the benefit, yes there are some benefit as it is mobile and you can twit while walking.Send tweets with text messaging on your phone.Receive texts for DMs and the tweets from users you want to be notified about.Clicking the phone icon on a users profile page or your followers page sets Tweet notifications for that user.

Do more than Tweet! Send these commands to Twitter:

RT username
Retweet a user’s latest tweet
FAV username
Favorite a user’s latest tweet
D username your-message
Send a direct message to a user

FOLLOW username
Start following a user
UNFOLLOW username
Stop following a user
Turn all Tweet notifications on or off
ON/OFF username
Set Tweet notifications for a user on or off (you’ll still be following them even if you set it to off)
GET username
Shows you the latest tweet from any user

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