KeePass Password Safe revisited

Gone are the days, when we have single or may be couple of password to deal with, we are here in the era of web 3 and lots of interactive website, are prowning upon, which requires singing off and thus lots of log in informations to be kept in a safe chamber so that those can be remembered and can be gettable, generated with a toss of coin at will. As we are living in a cyber world where lots of malicious Trojans’ lurking here and there, so not only the password management is necessity but also security and authenticity are gaining increasing importance across the spectrum of life. So, we need tools that will help us protect our critical and vital informations and documents. Personal favorite of this author is KeePass Password Safe(


Kee Pass databases are encrypted using AES, Twofish symmetric ciphers. These are much respected security encryption mechanism. The important functionality of  Kee Pass process to disk, which normally happens , the user’s password will not be cached . In more simpler term , if you copy password from Kee Pass, to any web address , and you delayed in making paste functions, then the paste options disappears. This means that the  user’s password won’t be cached thus protecting user’s password from hacking. As passwords are hashed in Kee Pass using SHA-256, and kept in an encrypted form in the Kee Pass process memory thus stopping the windows from caching the user’s  password from caching. It is an important security condition. Even the passwords users security-enhanced password edit controls, so that even the passwords entered in these controls aren’t even visible in the process memory of  Keep Pass, thus making it a stubborn and majestic password manager.For the entire Kee Pass to open you need one master password , that will decrypt/open the complete database. You can use Key-discs as it is more stubborn and requires  a file to decrypt the database of Kee Pass.


It is more strong but, it i:s advisable for advanced users. If you loss the key-discs then your database loss forever, cannot be recovered. So, for basic users , one master password is good enough though it is a separate master, if one loses the master password, then also KeePass database loss forever. So, important is one has to keep safe the master password or the key-discs, whatever the case one may use. The most important part of Keep Pass is its portability/the application doesn’t need to be installed. The installer automates the creating of links in the Star Menu. Also, a binary zip package available , which maintains only  the main executable files. This one runs without installing anything. The second one is more suitable for USB drivers/pen drives/flash drives. The program does not create any Registry keys or does not create any .ini files in your Windows directory. It runs without any additional libraries. After the un-installations , the binary zip package or installer package, Kee Pass leaves no trace on one’s system. It is a super password manager . The password list create by Kee Pass be exported to various formats like TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, or its own native formats and it is compatible with password safe V2. The password list should not be hidden in windows as then the Kee Pass can show existing passwords but it will not record any new passwords. Kee Pass features a built-in random password generator , with lots of user defined options. Kee Pass has a plug in architecture but these may compromise yours security of Kee Pass, approach with caution.


KeePass Password Safe


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