With Time Freeze create a free virtual system environment

time freeze Wondershare released on 30/3/2010 by Wondershare Software Co., Ltd on official website. It is a free system protection tool that is designed to create a free system environment to keep your computer safe from all types of viruses and other malicious attacks. Time Freeze meant to protect yours computer from threats of any viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans eliminates cost for system maintenance ,Surf internet safely, and play around with computer with NO trace left,Protect your privacy effectively and Reboot to restore your system to its original state.Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7 32-bit editions only.It depends on three aspects of protection system,folder and access protection and it is for simple user as well as for complex users.

So, for this to happen you have to make system protection on with Time Freeze so that yours system goes virtual and simple reboot will erase all yours session stresses.If you always keep it on then you cannot update or patch yours OS so when you want to update yours OS remember to keep the system protection off from Time Freeze.Take one example,while writing this blog post on windows live writer ,in fact I wrote twice as at first I for get to off the time freeze and the system protection is on and the article gone after system restart. So, while writing this I remember to keep the protection off from Time Freeze.

In fact it is similar to Virtual System 2008 as the RVS 2010 is bogey for me at least with the F-Prot AV engine not noteworthy and its dangerous folder protection and update which simply creates problem. The old was good and Tme Freeze is just like this and to use it in the default setting ,see the screen shot.

wondershare time freeze

full features of Wondershare Time Freeze as per the developer:

To promote their new product, Wondershare is running a promotion where everyone can get Wondershare Time Freeze for free! Do note, however, there are not many details on if this free promotion is time limited.

To get Wondershare Time Freeze for free, follow these simple directions:Visit the Wondershare Time Freeze promotion page and register. Hurry up time is limited for registration code application.I already blogged it late due to one blog erased automatically by using the Time Freeze system protection on.Registering process is self explanatory ,Give name,email and then click the get key code and check yours inbox mail from [email protected] and you will see our Time Freeze 1.0.0 for free with the registered E-mail address and key code and the download link.Download Wondershare Time Freeze by following the download link .It is a small download 2.10 MB and it is best for dial-up users as RVS 2010 becoming bogey with almost 30 MB download so Time Freeze is preferable.Double click the *.exe file to start installation. After the installation is completed, it will prompt you to reboot your computer, so you can activate its functions.After restart activate it by going to Register and put the information you have received for activation.Internet connection required for activation.Remember to use it after first restart and if you are using it any HIPS then it will ask you some questions as some services and drivers are auto loading after installations of Time Freeze.

For me is not my cup of tea , as I use Steady State and RVS so far am bit impressed with it and you can use this if you do not want to harm yours system files  in such cases like if you are installing games or testing some softwares or tweaking inner setting to see what is happening. Them Time Freeze shall be yours disaster recovery plan of action.

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