Why I uninstalled Vipre AV Premium Suit: 2

By ittech

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My miseries with VIPRE Antivirus Premium continues…

avast 5

Nowhere I am not accusing any AV vendors’ but they should ponder upon why they are not making product for dialup users specific as they should think also there is Avast market consisting of dial up users and they should make in roads to it with their smart thinking and product innovation.Is it ignorance or arrogance on the part of AV vendors’ surprise to see they have not thought of this as yet.Though heading of this write up clearly suggests only VIPRE Antivirus Premium but this applies to most of the AV vendors’.

First download the installer almost ~17 mb,followed by its offline definition updates on March 5 th 2010 about ~55mb with my dial up connectivity.Then the real story begun.I forgot to update it for the next 6 days and on the weekends I updated it.As I have been thinking about this article on miseries of dial up users so I decided to update it with dial up connectivity instead of broadband.The update starts  and after two hours it is updating and still updating and it gives me immense botherance as my internet timing is being wasted for this and also in this way my weekend vacation.

Major AV vendors should reflect deeply on this subject and gain knowledge from Avast AV.I uninstalled VIPRE Antivirus Premium on that period of time.Installed Avast 5 free on my dial up connected system.Though am still using VIPRE Antivirus Premium on my broadband connected system.The initial update of Avast 5 definitions,programmes and engine hardly take one hour of time and am sure the subsequent weekend update will be pretty lesser time and I will be sitting in my armchair and surfing the net and surfing my favorites sites subsequently.Windows Live Writer Blog is up again with Avast 5 and am back to tension free blogging.Now I can do my job and blogging at the same instant.

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