What Tata does which others cannot?

tata docomo Docomo by Tatas is a recent addition. I have two handsets for Tata Docomo SIMs which I and Mam use as buddy-net. We derive maximum benefit by having these two for buddy-net purpose. We call each other at 1p/6 seconds and have saved many rupees by this process. The results so far are amazing in the most practical sense that it has become so economical as to land me in the most miserly expenditure of my life. The balance in our mobiles do not exhaust not withstanding how much and how freely we use the mobiles.

On the last Friday, a never-seen-before thing happened. A message with a credit of thirteen rupees came to my mobile which read that Docommo had an excess deduction of that matching amount which it was refunding. No mobile company was so generous so far to me and it is the generosity of the Tatas which makes me its life-time customer.


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