ccleaner001  TweetLater is a fantastic tool for managing and organising yours account. You can post updates with a  time-delay . This gives  yours guest  an illusion that you are always  on . This can pull more people towards yours account and resulting enhancing popularity yours twitting. If you are a great tool making and  showing yours account active  always on . TweetLater account active always on. TweetLater is used in stealth mode.

How do I add a Twitter account and then automate it?

Login to the "Accounts" menu tab in the top menu that’s below the site logo.Click the "Add Account" sub-menu tab.Click the Continue button on the next page.That will open a page where you need to enter your Twitter username and password.Scroll down and click to check the selection boxes of the automation options you want.
Scroll all the way down and click the Save button.

API Key:This API Key is the authentication mechanism that gives access to your TweetLater account to any third-party application that uses the TweetLater API. You never need to provide your TweetLater username or password to any application. If anybody asks for your username and password, then it’s a scam.If you suspect that your API Key has been compromised, you can generate a new key with TweetLater.

The first thing you need to understand is, your new followers will never be processed immediately when they follow you. It is simply impossible for TweetLater to do that.When you add your Twitter account and set its automation options,TweetLater grab a copy of your follower list from Twitter and  save it in their system.After waiting several hours ,TweetLater use this new list and compare it with the previous one they grabbed.Then make the comparison and update the status of the followers.

Every time you edit your Twitter account entry and change any of the automation options, TweetLater completely reset your schedule, and  take a new snapshot of your follower list.In other words, any unprocessed new followers that followed you before you clicked the Save button will not be recognized as new followers and will not be processed. Only new followers who follow you after you’ve clicked the Save button will be picked up and processed the next time the bus reaches your stop.

Go here for TweetLater :Productivity tools for busy Tweeple.

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