Opera surprised me again!

I am avid user of Opera browser™ since 2006 from my college days as it expands a huge lot of possibilities and new dimensions to add to the browsing experience in the ever-growing and expanding internet world. Opera was introduced to me by one of my friend and since then I became a fan of it also of late there are criticisms on Opera as it simply does not open some websites but that is not a big issue for me ,as a fan of Opera I tend to avoid the criticisms of it. Currently am using the version 10.50 Build 3296.

It is flawless in my vision and a speed demon and the JavaScript rendering and also the website visual impact has been enhanced a lot with this version and it is far ahead of from the version 10.10 and its competitor it is miles ahead.I experienced some useful new activity with the latest version of Opera™ that is 10.50 and it may well have been specific for me and for my systems configuration and from this experience I have written this article.

The curiosity is the master and I want to share this with you so that I can get a feedback if this happens same to same to the users .Now the story begins. As usual on weekends I check my G mail’s as I used to, subscribed some good websites and curious enough always to read it on their newsletters so that I will not be behind anything in the fast growing IT arena.

I have downloaded Opera 10.50 and install it as usual when I got the newer version of Opera first thing I do is to uninstall the previous version and then install the latest build and install the fan boys ad block list and same thing I have done this time and after the completion of this formality the next thing is to browse with it and experience the internet browsing and check my Gmail account inbox.

With the version of 10.5 onwards Opera introduces “New Private Tab” &”New Private Window” or in a sense the “incognito mode” of Google Chrome™ or the” In private browsing” of IE 8, as this is one of the important feature which has been missing from Opera as I expect it to be there in Opera 10.10™ but bit disappointed when using it and not found this feature as I prefer Opera ™because the saving of internet pages for offline reading is breeze and fast and superlative. Opera 10.50™ gives me immense justification of my confidence on Opera by introducing this feature and so I open one new private tab and then open the Gmail™ with it.

Opera™ asked for saving the password and I saved it and after reading through inbox I signed out from Gmail then on Thursday 4 days afterwards I browsed the internet and open Opera 10.50™ my favorite browser and open G mail in normal browsing not on its new private tab this time as this is not intentional as I forgot that 4 days back I browsed the Gmail™ with private tab and this time I browsed with normal tab ,open G mail and then the requirements filled and then the browsing window shows redirecting and stopping there and oops Gmail not opening .Now the headache.

This is been a new horrid experience for me I cannot access to my favorite Gmail account. Then, I try to experience with lots of things but of no avail. Then open the Google search page and in the top right hand corner it is showing that my Gmail account, this means that my Gmail account is open but the inbox not opening. So, mystery continues. Then, with curious mind, as till now I am experimenting with lots of options and wide variety of possibilities, among many one such option came to my mind , I open the New Private Tab and open the Gmail and to my utter surprise Gmail inbox open and am able to read my emails.

I am not sure enough may be unique in this case as in my system am using some tough security softwares may be they restrain Gmail am not sure as my firewall also has HIPS enabled with IDS or may be Opera 10.50™ making the new private tab browsing websites as anonymous, well in true sense am not sure about it or may be it is right, so Gmail which I open accidentally at first with Opera Private Tab may be it is now securing it for only exclusively for private browsing.

Last not the least, this is an observation not an review of Opera but if it is true and if Opera doing it in such a way then some assumptions bound to follow and one of inference from it is whether Opera is acting like parental control if it is so, whatever I have written above, then some website by merely going through or browsing through Opera Private Tab will become anonymous forever for Opera 10.50 may be. This is an idle thinking and this observation contains lots of assumptions and examples with some experiences may be incorrect but is not sure but is happy that finally able to browse through my Gmail account in whatever mode may be this incognito mode but nothing matters to me now.C

About Opera in brief:

Opera offers the fastest, safest Internet experience and gives you more features than any other browser. The fastest browser with new JavaScript engine is up to 7x faster. Private browsing .Choose between private tabs or windows that leave no trace. Top security. Stay protected from dangerous or insecure sites. Desktop widgets .Use hundreds of Opera Widgets as standalone applications.

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