New !Private browsing with Opera 10.5

With a new vector graphics library (Vega), a faster java script engine(Carakan) as usual clear and lucid GUI of Opera’s latest offerings Opera 10.5 now it is opera 10.51.The single most prominent happening introduced with this version is Opera’s private browsing.It is a browsing option that saves no history and no cookies.The unique part is that all browsers allow private surfing in a separate window like Chrome’s Incognito mode ,IE 8’s In Private Browsing etc. all open in a separate window when choice is made to open for it in order to intiate it for private surfing.

Opera private browsing

Opera though late in introducing this but it comes with bang so it is always one-step ahead as Opera permits you to open the private tabs within the current browsing session window of Opera in which you are operating. See this picture.

Opera private browsing1

It is very easy.Right click on the “+” sign next  to the tab displayed  on top and then you have the option of to open a new tab or a new private one. Then click on the option which says ‘New Private Tab’ and you are done.So, you can do yours private surfing without leaving the current window  and infact simultaneously with the adjacent tab, you can do the normal surfing.Of course, you have the option of opening private surfing in a separate Opera window.For this ,to open “New Private Window” in Opera  click on the Opera button and choose “New Private Window” in the tabs and windows option in the list.

Opera private browsing2

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