IE Surfgear 1.0:remove wide-spread design glitches from web pages

IE Surfgear adds three new buttons on the Internet Explorer toolbar. Each of them is a special tool, which removes a particular problem from a web page loaded into your browser. All that problems arises not due to Internet Explorer, but due to many web masters fail to use its features wisely and correctly. It looks like web design became a kind of web disease now. Every web master does his best for his site to look bright, cool, amazing and so on. Unfortunately, too many of them forget that the main value of Internet is information. But design itself usually contains no information; it is no more than a pleasant add-on. However, too many web designers don’t realize it. Too often, surfing the Web, we encounter web sites, which cool and amazing design features make text on that site almost unreadable. And just text usually contains most information. In such case web design becomes a problem for site visitors.

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Due to this only internet browsing becomes annoying slow unwanted obstruction of various codes making the page loads slower.IE Surfgear is a simple Internet Explorer add-on. It helps to wrestle some wide-spread design problems making web pages difficult to read: too small fonts, objectionable colors, background images. Now, you can remove them in a single click.IE Surfgear is designed to remove a few most wide-spread design glitches which make web pages difficult to read. Now it can remove the  problems:Too small unsizable fonts,Poor text and background colors,Background images.Out of all this the removing of background images and poor text and back ground color speeds up the page downloading and also page looks becomes clear and lucid.

IE Surfgear adds three additional buttons on Internet Explorer toolbar (see screenshot). Each one of them removes one of the problems described above. So, you can make most web pages readable in a single click on toolbar.The product was tested to work properly with the following versions of software:Internet Explorer: 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0 and platform Windows: XP, 2003, 2000, 98, ME. As far as the IE 8 is concerned I installed it ,but the buttons in the browsers not shown but it is working and its functionalities can be accessed from in IE 8 from here see the screenshot.

Observation:Reset font sizes, which cannot be changed by user. Normally, if you think, that text size in your browser window is too small or too large, you can easy change it using Internet Explorer menu "View ==> Text Size", or a special toolbar button: . However, it is possible for web designer to disable this feature. He can specify font size so, that it always looks the same regardless of user settings. Sometimes it may be really useful, but unfortunately many webmasters use it without any reason. It often causes problems. For example, if your monitor resolution is better than webmasters one, most fixed fonts will look too small.Simply resets text and background colors to default. A few webmasters, for example, prefer white text on dark background. If you dislike it, use this IE Surfgear button to remove such offensive colors. Removes images and textures from text background. I remember the old days, when background image feature was first introduced in Netscape Navigator browser. It was looking like every webmaster that time had a feeling of duty to use this feature. Later people realized, that an image behind a text makes it difficult to read, and fortunately now it is used rather rarely. However some webmasters still use this feature. Now you can use IE Surfgear to remove it in a single click.Only works for internet explorer does not work for firebox or chromium extensions.If you runs IE on less privileges state after installation of Internet surfgear ,it works but before browsing when using IE on less privileged state remember to apply these setting before browsing starts.



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