When I met my old, bosom friend yesterday, it was a sheer coincidence that we both had to converge into one place for some unavoidable necessity. I was with my better half who during our thirty-eight years of marriage only heard of this man a minimum of a thousand times and had never any occasion to come across him as both of us were living miles apart in different professions and never met for four decades. But we met as we were destined to meet.

 forty years perios is The meeting was under very curious circumstances as we had undergone a vast sea of changes during forty years of incessant diffusion. We hardly recognized each other, though we had to look askance at each other for only once and both looked opposite words as if two strangers standing in the same place thinking of their own problems or recollecting their goods of purchase. Amidst confusion and diffusion, I decided to take a chance and went closer to the man and asked him politely if he was the same old friend of mine of four decades’ absence. I never disclosed my identity even after knowing that he was my same old friend I was searching for and gave him a nightmarish time to recollect my countenance. Just after a few seconds of waiting, he came out with my name and ruminated over our bygone togetherness during our graduation days in the same college. We were staying in the same room and were studying, dining and roaming and enjoying together as much as we were sharing our difficult times.

This ecstatic, rhapsodic and memorable moment of reunion is better felt than described and there was no better person to enjoy the joy than my wife whose eyes were littered with tears of jubilation and grace. Tags: ,,,

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