easiest option and working in all web browsers to open links in new tabs

Opera private browsing I use the menu to open links in new tabs in various web browsers.Whether the link is via text or via an image as from time to time have to go through the strenuous process of having to ‘copy link address’ and then [ctrl T ]then [ctrl V] a more slow and irritating and if it continues for a long duration then the palm will feel the heat.

In opera the easiest and smartest way to open the link in new tab is to set a mouse gesture for it . Like right-click and drag the link in certain direction or to the new tab location.This specifically for opera browser.

The easiest and the smartest way and working in all web browsers to open links(hyperlinks) in new tabs is to employ the middle-mouse button by putting the cursor on the link meant to be opened in a new tab and then use the middle mouse button and you are done.

The down side of this is on laptop touch pad no mouse button available so enable the mouse gesture written above especially for opera.

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