Create a Tag Cloud from a Blog, your Twitter account, a News Cloud, or any Website!

Create a Tag Cloud from a Blog, your Twitter account, a News Cloud, or any Website! yeah it is true and it is free !If you have a blog, you have an RSS feed. To find the URL of your RSS feed, go to your blog, then click on the RSS button in the address bar of your browser (if you are using Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 7 or later). Copy the Feed URL from the browser address bar.Go to, and enter your RSS feed URL into the field, then click the ‘Get Tag Cloud Code’ button.(Screenshot below) It is easier than the thoughts infact.

make cloud

You will be given some code to embed the tag cloud in your site. Copy this code, and paste it into the source HTML for your site, where you want the tag cloud to appear.You will be given some code that you can copy and paste into any website or blog. You do not need to sign up, and the cloud will usually look like the rest of your site automatically (and if it doesn’t you can style it with CSS).For more information on how to use MakeCloud’s tag cloud services, check out the tutorial.

make cloud 4 make cloud 2

It usually works better to use an RSS feed, but if you don’t have one this site can automatically generate one by searching with Yahoo! Pipes, so just enter you site’s URL and it will do the job for you.Then copy the code , then paste it into the HTML source of your blog or website where you want the tag cloud to appear and you are done.Check the frequently asked questions for tips on improving the results. If you want to make the cloud bigger, put <font size=’5′> before the cloud code, and </font> after it. You can achieve more complicated changes to the cloud’s appearance by putting the code inside of a <span> or <div> tag, and specifying a style CSS attribute.The number of tags in your cloud is (usually) the same as the number of news items in the RSS feed you give it.If you have a site which does not have an RSS feed, it can make a tag cloud for you several other ways:make a tag cloud from any site ,make a tag cloud from a search phrase,make a tag cloud that shows who links to your site,make a tag cloud from any text.

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