Conquering Mind over Matter :1

It is too difficult for the mind to get the better of the matter. It is almost an impossible proposition. We in the mundane world are always preoccupied with utopian dreams and unique achievements. Our wants know no boundaries. We try to achieve something more after achieving something. We do never stop at a point, but try to go beyond and beyond. This is a dangerous coincidence that the Creator has given us unlimited possibilities in life. The moment we get something, we try to get something more.

Conquering mind over matter

A positive result makes us move a step forward. But, conversely, a negative step makes us drag our feet a few steps backward. The more we achieve the more we proceed, and the more we fail the more we digress. Material pleasure is pretty often pleasure personified, while spiritual pleasure lack any concrete shape or size. Achieving something concrete and visible and materially encashable or exchangeable are for which we race and run. This gives us material pleasure no doubt, but this also gives us unbearable pain at times. If we balance between achievement and loss in life, loss is ascendant because what we gain in our life-time comes to of no use in the latter part of life. The pleasure and pang of life being two sides of the same coin follow each other so long as we live and move and what counts in the life beyond is not the bank balance we are gifted with, but the treasure-house of service to mankind we have rendered and the mental and spiritual control we have stored by getting better of material pleasure.

It is not for fun that the Creator has created us. He has sent us as His representative. There is a definite purpose behind His creation. Creator cannot be faulted as He can do no wrong. We cannot find fault in His creation because it was His prerogative that He created us as a bunch of individuals putting us to test all the time. He has so many works to perform, but He never fails to watch our doings. The cut-throat competition we are carrying on was never the motive behind His creation. 

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