Comodo Internet Security 2010 brushed up

Comodo Internet Security 2010 (CIS 2010)interface is good,nice and have a interactive controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system.I have been using Comodo firewall for quite a time in one of my PC.One thing I experience is that it has some compatible issues with Threatfire as both cannot be run simultaneously.Of late in the versions starting from 3 I have noticed Comodo firewall having some issues of slow browsing while in dial-up or slow connection than the normal speed it has.It is one of the major concern and I am confident that Comodo must have sort this issue.CIS 2010 HIPS setting is very talkative but it can be kept silent with some pre-format feature of this suit.Proactive defense mode is good fro security but it is resource intensive.


In paranoid mode the suit implements military like street policy by checking all possible threat it detects.The more happier thing is this suit is for geek as well as for layman as it can be customized in every possible way of choice available in it .Its firewall,antivirus or its complete suit can be customized as per the needs and demands of the user and these functionalities can be done or undone through CIS 2010 presets.The brand Comodo is synonymous with security and more so of network security and Comodo Secure DNS is result of this.


One of the new and unique function of CIS 2010 suit is its Secure DNS Server which is not found any of other competitors suits and it is one of the newest way of securing yours computing experience and most probably if it is controlled well then it can be a splendid performance enhancer while browsing the web.Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through our worldwide network of redundant DNS servers. This can provide a much faster and more reliable Internet browsing experience than using the DNS servers provided by your ISP and does not require any hardware or software installation.Comodo Secure DNS gives you a safer, smarter and faster Internet and as far as my knowledge goes it can be configured with other suits as only slight change in yours DNS setting and up you go for a faster browsing experience.


Performance wise it is an ideal suit to have in yours kitty and almost no issues with fast connection.When idle 10 MB is the memory consumption.Data protection,identity protection and parental control not there in CIS 2010 suit , though these are not the essentials or feature you need most when purchasing any suit but these may have some additional buying preference which the suit definitely lacks if  we look at purely marketing point of view.With password protection and reset option available so shut down of suit if at all by any malware can be avoided so this is a good feature.

The concluding part ,in Part-2 in the next post ,please stay tuned.

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