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Hi ,You know I love to pass on secrets and tips about digital photography. Today, I have a good one for you if you have time to spend on your photography this summer and like to travel. There’s a brand new Digital Photography Workshop in France that has really got me excited.You can go here to know more. Now, unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am unable to go. I definitely would if I could. However, it’s a great opportunity and I didn’t want to let it pass by without letting you all know about it.

So what’s so exciting about another boring workshop in France?

Well, first France isn’t boring! I went as a teenager and loved the place! However, at the time I was a little intimidated by the culture and language barrier. The two women instructors of the workshop are both Americans. One has has lived in France for over 8 years and has enough French to make sure you can shop and eat locally.She knows the region like the back of her hand. She knows all the restaurants, coffee shops, hiking trails and scenic drives in her part of southern France.They will introduce you to places that only locals know about and aren’t in any guidebooks.

And that’s where you get the most benefit from photographic workshops. Going off the well beaten tourist path to find subjects and places that will jump out at your camera’s lens.The workshops will be held in the Department of the Lot. Last year National Geographic did an article on the Lot and said it was one of the best kept secrets in France, actually Europe.
The Lot is definitely not an overrun tourist area and it definitely is really beautiful.

And, what a great surprise for me to learn that the Lot’s motto is "Une surprise à chaque pas", (A surprise at every step). If you’re interested, I recommend signing up to get more information about his unique opportunity as soon as you can.

Remember, it never hurts to dream. You can find more information here. (affl link)

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