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  lets you:

Bank online and perform other financial transactions safely and securely.

Defeat malware programs that seek to capture your sensitive data before it’s encrypted.

Actively monitor and shut down keyloggers, SSL banker trojans, spyware, and other malware.

Defend against programs that other antivirus protection apps let through.

Does not slow down your PC

Windows Vista/ XP/ 7 compatible (32-Bit)


Zemana AntiLogger

“Zero-Day” (aka “0-day”) is fast becoming the most feared buzzword in the computing world, and detection delays while suspected malicious files are analyzed and “fingerprints” are generated mean that new threats which can attack and compromise your computer even if you have the latest up-to-date anti-malware software installed might be running around the Internet undetected for hours, or even days. “

Zemana AntiLogger is designed to protect your computer against such attacks. No matter which anti-malware program you’re currently using, you need the added protection of Zemana AntiLogger!

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AntiLogger is dramatically different from traditional products that rely heavily on “fingerprints” created by lab analysts and researchers to detect malware. It doesn’t need “signature updates”. It understands how malware attacks your computer, and its unique technology detects malicious programs when they try to run on your PC and shuts them down BEFORE they can steal your identity or your confidential information.

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