Windows LifeStyle Giveaway :Three Windows 7 genuine Product Keys

Nitin Agarwal of WindowsLifeStyle is giving away in his website three unused Windows 7 Genuine License product keys worth $ 819.97 US combined. 1 license key of Ultimate, 1 of Professional and 1 of Home Premium is to be given.


Competition Rules:

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  2. a worthy response on the comment section of  this post of WindowsLifeStyle ,use the same email which you have subscribed earlier while fiiling up the email part of the comment section of the post.
  3. handout or share about this with your friends on Facebook  and become a fan of WindowsLifeStyle  or follow WindowsLifeStyle on twitter @nitinagarwal198 and Retweets about it.
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How To Seize This Giveaway Opportunity in yours favour:

Just jump over this link and travel the above mentioned 4 rules it is well fixed and smart.The outcome of this giveaway will be on 10th March 2010. As Nitin Agarwal of WindowsLifeStyle  suggests in his post  you can retweet or share about this contest as many times as you want and this will work more in your favor.In fact this blog post am writing for me for favour lets us hope I or we get it and it will be great for who get it.


Windows 7 review:

The main theme around which Windows 7 was based on how it would like to work for the consumer and corporates. It was based on around 4000 IT companies feedback. It would like to resolve all the aspirations of consumers such as faster , smarter, lighter OS. This OS simply does what it is supposed to with all the visual presentations which is the trend of the modern OS. A robust OS can be customized according to the hardware that you run it on. Surprisingly, it runs fast compare to Windows XP. That is why many will probably be changing  their OS for the first time in five or six weeks. This is probably the first time we have a Microsoft OS that can run on a lower configuration than its predecessor. It is light, an ideal OS  for the portability of the atom processer. If the report is to be believed, the OS consume less battery power too.

Windows 7 is superior to XP and Vista in variety of ways, Vista was presumably unpopular because of the high system requirements,  though at first glance Windows 7 seems a more optimize version of Vista. Windows 7 can run with 512 or 768 MB of RAM. With some of the visual effect turned off. Though it can be enabled later.

Aerosnap , junplists , taskbar enhancements , ubiquitous search, new media center gives an idea of choice for HTPCs also. For the first time multi-touch is being embedded into an OS for the masses. This gives rise to new set of devices and applications . This Os uses the untapped  power of the GPU, The GPU is no longer just for graphics, in Windows 7 the CPU and the GPU create a co-processing environment  through Direct Compute which enables applications in Windows 7 to take advantage of GPU computing to accelerate the applications.

In the commercial environment one of the very big features offered by Windows 7,  is actually a replacement to a VPN. It lets you directly access your corporate resources remotely , while giving you certain amount of savings through branch catche , bit locker. PC experience enhanced through more robust security and risk management and more robust IE 8 with superior security and protection features.

Windows 7 taskbar has more functionalities. It is thick, lets you change the sequence of applications running in the task bar, pinning applications to the task bar , grouping of active applications , a real time preview of each of the instances . By pressing Windows key+left/right arrow keys fit the expanded window to the left or right side of the screen. Windows 7 lets you add as much paths as you want for either of the pre defined folder, quick access to frequently used folder , setting the default action for the usual shut down button , constantly changing wallpapers , with preview mode in Windows Explore (Alt+P), sticky notes to keep track of tasks that one needs to do, running applications using a different user account, capturing screen shots with the Snipping Tools, toning down the controversial UAC, checking for memory problems with an inbuilt tool Windows Memory Diagnostic just needs a reboot to work, built-in clear type tuner, enabling  the Windows XP virtualization mode, Windows 7’s resource monitor more powerful than process manager, easier multiple file selection is convenient even through a long list of files are the most prominent features and the characteristics of Windows 7 so far.

One more feature worth mentioning of Windows 7  AppLocker which ensures users on your PC  only run the programe and application you specify. You can easily block other users from accessing executables, Windows Installers scripts or specific softwares,etc. With Easy Connect in Windows 7 one can use Remote Assistance to invite some one to connect to your computer and assist you even if that person is far away.

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Regards. Happy Basanta Panchami

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