Why I uninstalled Vipre AV Premium Suit: 1

By ittech

I was inspired by the sheer brilliant performance of Vipre AV Suit.It has an efficient ad blocking,IDS and HIPS features among many good and interesting features.Its firewall is good and astonishing silent.Though,I connected to the virtual world through broadband and dial-up but in this article I stress more on connected users grieve.As it seems from the outset most of the AV vendors’ make their products with the aim towards broadband users but the billion dollar question rises “why ?”


Let us first take the instance of VIPRE Antivirus Premium.First download the installer almost ~17 mb,followed by its offline definition updates on March 5 th 2010 about ~55mb .For broadband users this downloading is as easy as a cup of coffee but for dialup users it is like climbing to Alps! Can these AV vendors’ ever think of sufferings and time spent by dialup users in making the antivirus up-to-date always .An antivirus program is only as good as its database of virus definitions, which is why it is important to regularly update both the program and the virus definitions and with its start the sufferings and miseries a plenty for the dial up users.

The first reason:

Sometimes dial up users have to spend 4 to 5 hours of interrupted internet connectivity  to stay updated with the definitions part of installed antivirus.If anything in between the connection broke then you will have to start it all over again!This is the prime reason behind this I decided to uninstall VIPRE Antivirus Premium from dialup connected system though I was impressed more with its unparallel security abilities.Though I am still using its on my broadband connected system.

The second reason:

I am working in the capacity of high-end executive at the big software MNC and used to travel a lot for my professional as well as my executive commitments.Due to this the maintenance of this blog is of a huge challenge due to my lack of time.For this using Windows Live Writer as  offline blogging client.VIPRE Antivirus Premium is blocking it and stopping it from accessing my blog account.This is been my most disappointment on this good antivirus suit.I know if I continue using it soon my blog to be affected.As, manually when online by going to blog dash board, setting,publishing is a strenuous procedure.

The miseries faced by dialup users:

Again I am focusing now the miseries face by dial up users.I am hoping against my hope that one day these AV vendors’ would realize and foresee that there lies one segment for the dialup users or slow internet connected users with smart antivirus definitions and speedier downloading within minutes.I am afraid this segment has already been captured by Avast AV free.I will be shortly writing a comprehensive of Avast 5 . It has small signature updates and fast and breeze server making the updates smart and done in very few seconds and giving smile back to the dialup users.

Part 2 is coming soon please stay tuned.


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