Was My Old Habit Of Using HP Laptop Good? – 1

I hate complaints and complaining. Complaining is not my cup of tea. While I was a Bank executive, I received a few complaints against some alleged work deficiencies in areas I was entrusted with. I paid utmost attention to my customers’ woes, sometimes genuine and sometimes not. Then I switched over to a leading foreign bank as a high-end executive, but things were never different. The same thing I noticed in my previous assignment was also in vogue in foreign bank also. But the difference this time was that of a judge and an accused and not the vice versa. So while the nature of work remained the same, I got a change of label only.

Generally, customers do not complaint unless they are given a scope to. Ingenuine complaints overweigh the genuine ones often times. So, always my task was to segregate the genuine from the rest and the best and the quickest solutions were aimed at and achieved invariably always to the complainants’ satisfaction. About the rest, the best possible was used to be done and the ingenuine complainants shied away while the genuine ones got a winning smile. There was never a win-win situation, but only a 100% winning situation for the customer and the customer remained a more forceful customer and an ardent admirer inviting his friends and relatives to join the chorus in the long run. So customer is never at fault; he is the king.

It is an irony of fate that I am at the other side of the table getting the sting what once my customers were perhaps getting. While my problem- solving ability was under test in my past experience, I have thrown a problem now on an MNC on terrible second thoughts and compulsion. I have been so driven by circumstances and so much deficiency in service was experienced by me that I had no other choice left.

I am not going to make a fortune out of the complaint I have made. But I had to complaint because l and my family members felt cheated. The harassment was such that my tension over-brimmed and I fell sick of hypertension. My sickness increased because I felt cheated by one of my closest relatives.

I here personify as my closest relative because during my system-related life, I have only used products, viz. two laptops, one printer and a desktop and recommended products to a few of my friends. Besides, my children who are leading software scientists serving abroad and drawing fat salaries are also using notebooks. So, all other laptops like Dell, Lenovo and Sony are strangers to me, though a few of my friends speak highly of these brands. When a stranger cheats us, we are in distress, but when a friend or relative cheats us, we are in a shock. Once an admirer, now I am a critic of due to its gross deficiency of service I shall be highlighting in my subsequent writings. Now the ball is in the court of and it is up to it whether to turn its weakness to its strength or to sit over the problem without addressing it.

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