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Mohan Manohar March 5, 2010
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  • I got my finger burnt in kitchen fire and what I did I immediately sprinkled some salt-powder on it with good results.
  • I always mix a teaspoonful of vinegar or lemon drops by squeezing it while boiling eggs and find eggs receiving no cracks.
  • Besides other ingredients, I mix two tablespoon of milk to the batter of egg omelets to find it soft and puffier.
  • I put a small steel spoon with milk in the boiling pot to ensure that milk does not get burnt while boiling.
  • I never forget to keep my asafetida container inside the salt-container to retain its natural character.
  • I always put on light cotton dresses during my cooking times.
  • My following up the dictum of “Early to bed and early to rise” has given me immense physical and mental strength besides tons of patience and tirelessness.
  • I never fail to keep the floor of my kitchen dry and never allow it to get slippery.
  • I open and close my gas stove after checking it thrice to ensure that gas is not leaking, the gas-tube is properly connected and the knobs are in switched-off or switched-on position as per my requirement.
  • I take raw radish during or after meals, not before it.
  • Whenever I get some thickness sort of feeling inside my mouth, I mix up few drops of lemon extract and few drops of honey in clean water and wash my mouth with it to get freshness.
  • I drink three to four glasses of water in the morning after getting up from bed for good feeling throughout the day and I rarely get upset stomach.
  • I put some jiggery in my ghee container and find it retaining freshness for a long time.
  • For crispy puri, I mix some powdered rice with wheat flour.
  • I mix up a tablespoon of sugar with wheat flour for puffy puri.
  • I put some sliced potatoes inside any salty dal or curry and find the lessening effect of salt.
  • While grinding onion or garlic to paste, I use oil in place of water to make the paste less sticky.
  • I use ghee or butter instead of oil while preparing gravy to get better flavor.
  • I put three or four pieces of cocoanut slices to curd to keep it fresh for a couple of days or even more.


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