Monthly Archives: March 2010

Why I uninstalled Vipre AV Premium Suit: 1

By ittech I was inspired by the sheer brilliant performance of Vipre AV Suit.It has an efficient ad blocking,IDS and HIPS features among many good and interesting features.Its firewall is good and astonishing silent.Though,I connected to the virtual world through broadband and dial-up but in this article I stress more on dial up connected users […]

Take a dig at virtualisation(server) and what it means…

Server virtualisation runs on the technology called “hypervisor” . It runs on top of the system hardware . It becomes a thin interface between Operating System (OS) and the hardware it depends upon. Hypervisor supports multiple OSs running paralled or isolate to each other. Hypervisor make each OS behave as separate machine , thus each […]

Brushing up Windows 7

The main theme around which Windows 7 was based on how it would like to work for the consumer and corporates. It was based on around 4000 IT companies feedback. It would like to resolve all the aspirations of consumers such as faster , smarter, lighter OS. This OS simply does what it is supposed […]

Zemana Antilogger Giveaway from Softpedia

Softpedia is giving away $34.00 To Buy Zemana Antilogger, completely free.Giveaway Offer In Collaboration With No Registration Required, No Hidden Costs, No Third-Party Software Bundles.  Zemana AntiLogger lets you: Bank online and perform other financial transactions safely and securely. Defeat malware programs that seek to capture your sensitive data before it’s encrypted. Actively monitor […]

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