CCleaner v2.28 now cleans the non-standard custom locations using the new CustomLocation entry in registry or ccleaner.ini.

CCleaner v2.28 packed with new Windows 7 features, more application support, better performance, and more customization for power users. is the one of the best tool for cleaning your Windows PC. Keep your privacy online and offline, and make your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download. natively supports Firefox, SeaMonkey and Flock. During the analysis process, searches for data created by these browsers in the default folders.


However if you are a power user you might have installed a portable version that stores the Profile in a non-standard location.In this new release you can now clean non-standard locations using the new CustomLocation entry in registry or ccleaner.ini.An example is included in the change log below. 🙂

Full change log:

Added support for custom locations for applications.  e.g. CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|C:MyFirefoxProfile
Improved detection and cleaning algorithm for new releases of Mozilla based browsers.
Added news tasks to W7 jumplist.
Added new command line parameters: /CLEANER, /REGISTRY, /TOOLS and /OPTIONS.
Improved MUI cache cleaning for Vista and Windows 7.
Added drive information to Wipe Free space status.
Improved Wipe MFT free space routines.
Improved W7 toolbar feedback.
Improved several core processes and routines.
Improved file search algorithm when recursing.
Added support for cleaning Paint Shop Pro 12.
Improved support for IZarc and Axialis IconWorkshop.
Minor GUI tweaks.

You may download it now from


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