Better safe than sorry : 2


  1. Set up two accounts for your computer an Administrative account and a limited user account . An administrative  account connective poses serious risk . Run internet with limited user account.

  2. Turn off or disable the Guest Account For this go to  Control panel > User Accounts , then select the guest  account and delete it .

  3. Delete / Disable Unused User Account

  4. Disable unnecessary services.

  5. Run the system configuration utility ( Run > “msconfig”). Take an intimate look at what are the programs running and what services running . If you suspect any process , here you can disable it . It is safe to do with  “ System Configuration Utility”.

  6. Avoid P2P clients such as Morpheus , Kazaa,etc.

  7. Download the softwares from only reliable and recognisable sources . Read the terms of Agreement of the software carefully.

  8. Delete Metadata in Documents Metadata is the information  embedded within  the document about the document itself . It is general in MS office documents, Metadata is stored in the Properties > Custom Property of the document . To delete Metadata from MS office document go to Tools > Options > security tab > select the check box named “Remove Personal information from this file on save > Click ok and save the document.


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