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An African word meaning “ Humanity to others ,” or “ I am what I am because of who we all are “ is the meaning of Ubuntu. So, it gives  some soothing effects, spirits of unity to the software world . is a community driven and drove project. It was launched in October 2004. It will It will always be free to download , use and distribute, along with its regular enterprise releases and security updates.Ubuntu installations come on one CD , it is a live CD , can be used from the CD or from a pen drive. Additional software is available online.

Ubuntu 9.10 includes the latest Open Office 3.1, Firefox 3.5,GIMP better support for 3G connectivity, simplified backup solutions, synchronisations, sharing of files with Tomboy Notes, media applications, instant messaging and more. It has faster boot time and a faster file system with Ext4.Due to concern for security, Organisations love to hate cloud computing. Ubuntu Server support private clouds, with this feature, organisations can keep the data in their own data server. Thus;driving out the fear for data theft and security concerns for organisations, with cloud computing.


After am satisfied with the Live CD experience of Ubuntu 9.10, decide to install it on my test PC. Generally I do not like to install dual OS in a single PC. After the installation the first priority of the user to have a right resolution. But , sadly or may be an isolate case ,Ubuntu 9.10 failed to detect maximum resolution. As graphic property not available in Ubuntu. So, there are two option now, command line action or download relevant graphic driver , preferably opted for the second. Ubuntu (9.10) also introduces the cloud computing service is the name of Ubuntu One. Go to Applications , internet menu, open Ubuntu one,  then sign up , you need to connect internet to access this service. In the preference window of Ubuntu one, you can manage this service like  customisation , etc. But the writer feels the synchronisation process is not as smooth as expected , slightly  on a disappointed side. But on the contrary , mobile broadband feature of Ubuntu is being a revelation as per the writer feels and experiences. Just plugging the GPRS enabled mobile phone into Ubuntu 9.10, where smooth configuration of GPRS setting can be done. The author is in mixed bag feeling with Ubuntu 9.10, let the reader suggests and comment on it.

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