Why the Need for Practical Learning?

The weekend is rapidly approaching. This week has proved to be the most difficult ones. Plenty of work and some of the field works during these summers just make working very difficult. This time as it has been the rage of summer has been the most difficult ones and the state government has been advising people not to venture out in the open during mid-summer noon time from 11 to 3. During these times, even the roads and national highways have been empty. While moving towards the field works at the fag end of the moving tour, there has been the advent of more and more trees as it has made every way and the shades of the sun that makes the cooling effect.

At the far stretch of land the road move on and the with shining of sun the floats of roads becomes as it some sort of mirages at the fag end of the road as it continues to provide some of the excellent parameters where everything seems to provide the sense of complete mirage of presence of water or mirages of water even during these heavier sun. While moving with vehicle, even in these scorching sun the presence of false water in the form of mirage does provide the hope that the life means continuation for effort to find out that ahead there is something good and wonderful and that makes the sense to understand there is always been hope in life in the ahead when it continues.

After moving some distance, there comes heavily presence off trees out there, on both sides of the road and at some points the brakes of trees are so close to road that it becomes extremely impossible to move forward as we need to move slower in order to avoid branches of trees out there. With the presence of trees on both sides of roads, the rays of sun got diverted and the power of heat of summer reduced to a considerable extent. Even within the vehicle, the roof top of the vehicle got warmer and that makes moving into this vehicle extremely uncomfortable and with the advent of trees in the entire atmosphere becomes extremely cooler and nicer.

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After moving some distance we forced nearer to the hill road. Now, from the right side of windows pane I could see the presence of serpentine roads moving here and there and it seems a vast distance and I asked the local driver and he said this hill road is very difficult and the speed of vehicle should be on slower side. My greatest happiness of the climate in and around these areas changes completely what we have experiences in the plane lands. It becomes extremely cooler and nicer and even vehicle moving at the slow-pace but the cooling environment coupled with a large chunk of trees are there just provides one of the most wonderful and tantalizing environmental presence to move here with.

The other side of the road is a complete dungeon and that provides the scale of height we are maintaining into an at some point of time the slope of roads has been a complete sharp upwards and while moving into it we could find the sense of fear and it seems as if we are moving into flight and it is taking off. The driver hailed from this locality and knows each and every zones of these hill roads, and from time to time he used to tell me about some sort of importance within these places. At one point of time, we reached at the place at the top of a mountain considered to be the most spacious one a sort of stoppage for some refreshments.

We move towards some shops and most of these shops are the property of local people who are known to the driver. We reached at one shop and take some food and bring some foods as there would be more than two hours of the journey left till now. That place was a nice one with plenty of trees and at least some place out there so that I could move out from the vehicle and roam around here and there for some time. Legs are feelings awkward and the body itself feeling some sort of tiredness due to the movement of vehicles from sudden right towards suddenly left and then suddenly up and above the slope and some time towards downward movement that makes the entire journey difficult.

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In the mean time someone is calling me by name and especially of my nick name and that has become extremely surprising to me, as I could understand how one recognizable face within these alien land could for me. That provides me for the food of thought of more anticipation and eagerness to see and find who is giving me a call by name. I moved back and looked to see it was Thandu, my as well as my college and most of times we have been together and have one or more competition in and most of times, that has been some of the most friendly competitions that has been benefited to both of us. For last several years I could not find him as after he just left all the contracts and it is estimated that he has not joined any profession but living at some of the isolated places where he continues to strive his ambition of development of individuals in terms of most generous ways.

Just looking at him tears got rolled into my eyes and it continues to flow unabated as one of my best friend has been found and the same state of happiness’s are there with him and that has been the most tremendous form of union just after the farewell occurred after ours professional studies. What a moment for all of us, he smiles and welcomes and he says that he has been reading my articles and reading my blogs and has been very much influenced the way I have been researching on various aspects and laughs and smiles all the way. I asked him what he has been doing as he said, he returned to his home land and let the poor people all around in this area help them good education as well as learning them various tricks so that even without educations they could repair mobiles and earn a decent livelihood.

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We went to his village. It was nearby in that valley. It was a small hamlet with an extremely clean environment. It seems Thandu has made them to learn about the healthy living and the dresses and the etiquette of these people have been very nice and kind to us and all of them provides the smile on their faces. There was a little school and most of these students are studying with modern education such as they are learning computers, internet and everything.

I asked him how he managed to run the class within such small environment, as usual he replied with a smile and then he showed me that under these age old trees, while doing small picnic, while moving here and there we study with the nature and tend to understand everything that nature had. In this way, everything imprinted into their mind like the letters inside of pages of books and consequently this leads to some of the most wonderful and practical reasoning of another form of educational standards.

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