How to Protect Your Identity


No one can debate the fact that most of us  spend half our lives in front of a computer screen. In the digital world, we, socialise, interact, communicate or do business transactions. There is a magnanimous loss of productivity, that occurs, as the consequence of unplanned time management, and mainly due to complicated internet security phenomena. Whether you are avid internet user, a student, blogger (professional/amateur) , tech enthusiast , the productive time you spent on internet is of yours vital significance, So, security in yours digital life is of very prime importance, if it is well managed then it will surely give you fruitful time in yours productivity meter.

  1. You Decide What Information to Reveal About Yourself: Be careful! Your full name, place of employment, phone number, and address could all be valuable information to an Identity Thief!
  2. Examine Privacy and Seals:If you are on a site that asks for your credit card or bank information, make sure a privacy policy is posted in the form of a padlock seal symbol or an unbroken key.
  3. Defend Your Computer Against Internet Attacks:Have an effective Firewall (which acts as a shield against anyone trying to gain access to your personal files) and Antivirus software (which prevents viruses from getting into your PC and wrecking havoc on your files and documents).
  4. Be Conscious of Web Addresses:Check the URL (web address) when entering personal information. A more secure site that uses encryption will begin with https:// instead of http://.
  5. Check Out Your Credit Report:You’ll instantly be able to see if someone is trying to use your ID. Your credit report lists all applications for credit and credit commitments, so any activity that wasn’t initiated by you will show up.
  6. Think twice before providing too much information about yourself on social networks.
  7. Protect your PC with Firewall, Anti Spyware, and a secure WiFi connection.
  8. Keep adware off your PC by being careful about what you download.
  9. learn proper workplace ergonomics.Use liquid crystal display monitor.


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