Free Licenses for Zemana AntiLogger – 3 Days Only

Stop hackers now with .Block all known and unknown internet,shop and browse the internet safely and privately. This offer is from Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts , and here just writing for ours readers to go there and collect Free Licenses for Zemana AntiLogger.


3 Days Only, starting from 28th of January 2010 to 31st of January 2010  .


It’s a 1 year free giveaway.Information about this giveaway and direct link to get the license key.The direct link displays a distinct and unique license key each time and as fast as it is opened or refreshed.after registration this message will be shown.

Thank you for registering of AntiLoggerYour License Activation Key and detailed license information are listed below. We recommend that you to save your license key information in a secured space for future use.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for technical support or any questions you may have about our products.

Please go here as mark of respect to this blog which has arranged this great anti key logger free for one year.

To activate AntiLogger, follow these instructions:For assistance with the product(s), please visit here. take a look at these Testimonials & Reviews.

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts adds

I was immediately impressed by this application, if maintaining your privacy is a concern, you might consider adding this application to your toolbox.


Raymond’s positive review is here

Believe it or not, it is able to detect ALL keylogging, webcam capture and screenshot capture methods from different trojans.


I found the program completely delivered on its promises. At a time when malware is increasingly targeting financial transactions, I find this program a real must have. There is no marketing here.


This is a fantastic addition that makes the potentially dangerous world of downloads slightly less risky.


protects your online communication and prevents malware from tampering with your transactions.


If you look for effective protection against all kinds of data loggers, Zemana AntiLogger is the application you need.


Luckily I was part of the beta testing programme of Zemana AntiLogger and tested for almost 9 to 10 months and surprisingly it is as good software as it is known to be and in fact it is lesser known and it installs in a zippy vey simple non complicated installations some times it will ask you to restart yours system and do it , it works very light while on system tray but if you open its GUI then it  is bit heavier but not to yours uncomfortable positions and in fact it is very light while on system tray. Its graphic interface is simple and crystal clear , it has some additional functionality like start up addition of programmes detection which is handy, AntiLogger does not work on 95, 98 or ME, or on Mac operating systems. There are no plans to support these environments.Zemana AntiLogger License Activation Procedures:Double-click on the AntiLogger tray icon on the taskbar and open the AntiLogger interface.Click on the “Services” tab in the AntiLogger interface.

Click on the “License” tab in the opened menu.Write down the license key on the “Enter License” box and click the “Renew License” button.Your license key will be activated as shown in the picture.The licensing procedure is now complete. During my beta testing of this anti logger ,have found that it should be installed at the fresh installation of Windows otherwise it may leave already installed antiloggers ,and this author hopes that this lacunae or the void must be patched in these versions. One great thing I have found it is a continually developed model and being developed continuously and its updates frequently in fact some time twice a week and its update size hardly above 5 to 6 mb.It is an great asset and one more additional layer of protection you can have  to protect yours system from any untoward activities.As the highly regarded SnoopFree Privacy Shield, a free application, which unfortunately, is compatible with only.So , Zemana AntiLogger extends  to yours other updated OS , it is now a great asset and follow the instructions as written above to get it free in fact you can download more than one license if you have multiple computers .So download from here and activate.

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