BioTech Tips

  1. NASA is looking into experimenting bionanotech that will convert plant and human waste into fuel for long distance space programmes. BioTech Tips

  2. Biotechfirms all over the world making efforts is to find a cheep, bio-degradable substitute for plastic.

  3. Enzymes creat the "stone washed" look in jeans, originally done by pumic stones.

  4. Ethanol can be used as substitute for petrol – a composition 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent of petrol, with minuscle engine modification.

  5. Bioremediation: Any area that has been polluted beyond human/animal inhabitability, bioremediation is the process of reclaiming these area and making habitability for human/animal again.

  6. biofuels: Oil derived from the Jatopha plant’s seed, by smashinfg its seed, then mixing with alchol to make biodisel – a substitute to disel.

  7. Fungi creat the laccase enzyme that can remove lignin from the  wood, as it is a necessity for converting wood to paper.

  8. Petrolium is used to creat normel plastics.

  9. Bioplastics, use strach as the raw material.

  10. Strach cen be found from plants such as potato, corn,etc.

  11. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bioplastic material.

  12. Enzymes are chemicals that are naturally generated by living beings to breakdown food.

  13. Potatoes contain vaccines against hepatitis virus .

  14. Rice rich in vitamins, iron omega 3 fattyacids


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