the easy guide to safe Internet shopping

Shopping on the Internet is quick, convenient and easy – however it is also a popular target for cybercriminals. That’s why here is a short checklist for your (Internet) shopping list:

  • Make sure that the Internet shop is trustworthy – for example: does it have an official seal of quality?
  • Only go online with an Internet program that also permits encrypted data transmission, such as SSL. This will prevent external parties from accessing your data during transmission.
  • Only enter your data, such as your credit card number, on websites that use encryption. You can identify secure sites by the https:// in the URL – normally this reads http:// – without the “s”.
  • Do not allow shop operators to store your bank sort code or credit card data together with your home address. A common data record may make purchasing easier the next time you shop because all your data is already listed the next time you wish to pay, however data thieves can really make a killing with these data records in the worst case scenarios.
  • Do not conclude any business without knowing all the costs – that way you won’t be surprised by additional carriage costs, taxes, etc.
  • Always read the small print! Shop operators are obliged to indicate what they will and won’t do with your personal data.
  • Keep the invoice. This is the only way to ensure you have legal recourse should something go wrong. The best thing to do is to print the invoice and store it safely.


Sources & Citations: Avira newsletter


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