Get Top-rated DefenseWall HIPS for Free on Dec 10-12, 2009

Defence Wall HIPS Surfing on the net I found something interesting .Gizmo (Ian ‘Gizmo’ Richards) is making a promotional giveaway of the special v2.56 build. No updates, no support- but it’s free.As the website cites:

SoftSphere, the makers of the highly regarded DefenseWall HIPS are offering a free copy of DefenseWall exclusively to Gizmo’s Freeware readers.

In computer security circles DefenseWall has a top reputation as it offers outstanding protection without being intrusive or demanding of users. In fact many users won’t even notice that it is running.

DefenseWall is a policy-based HIPS that uses software whitelists and blacklists to control the privileges of the programs that run on your PC. By reducing the privileges of Internet-facing and other vulnerable programs it very effectively prevents the installation of malware. Because it is not signature-based it is highly effective in preventing zero-day threats. This makes it an ideal companion for your antivirus scanner.

The program being offered has identical features to the latest $29.95 version 2.56 of DefenseWall except that it comes without support or free upgrades. Version 2.56 supports Windows 7 32 bit as well as Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista 32-bit.The special free version of DefenseWall can be downloaded from the link below from 2.00PM USA Pacific Standard Time, Thursday 10 December and ending at 2.00 PM Sunday 13 December.

Go and download ! : HERE


File size: 3374677 bytes
MD5:   de15f644910b78677c8cfe6478c0d78a
SHA1: 092f1ea0235de26faab2b6de1ad38f06b7e64e1a


DefenseWall is an advanced security program. Like all such programs we recommend you backup your PC prior to installation. We also caution against using DefenseWall with another HIPS such as ThreatFire due to the possibility of unwanted interactions.

1. Download the file and unpack the two files in the zip to your desktop or other convenient location.

2. Double click the file DefenseWall_HIPS_v2_56_gizmo_edition.exe to start the installation. Note that the conditions listed in the license agreement apply to the standard 30 trial version. The actual conditions for the special promotional product you are installing are those stated above.

3. You will need to reboot your computer after installation. After rebooting you will see a DefenseWall window, Click the "Enter code" button and navigate to the license file TechSupportAlert Giveaway.12.10.2009.dwu which you downloaded in the zip. Select this file and the installation is complete.

4. Your computer is now protected. For further usage and configuration information check out the SoftSphere forums.

Before Installation some specific significant knowledge base:

The special free version of DefenseWall can be downloaded from the link below from 2.00PM USA Pacific Standard Time, Thurday 10 December and ending at 2.00 PM Sunday 13 December. .The files in the zip scan 100% clean at both and Click the links to see the scans.This latest version of DefenseWall contains several third party compatibility fixes. Running multiple programs with the same technology as with two HIPS is inviting system problems you can well do without.As with all software, especially security programs, you should ensure that your system is in a fit state to receive it before install. As Gizmo says, it may work or it may not, but having two of anything does not improve your security level. On the contrary, as both applications compete for file and system access your protection could even be degraded in addition to inviting false positives and other conflicts.

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