Don’t get bitten by “Twilight – New Moon” downloads – Malware lurks within

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Keep yourself covered from the latest threats.Be aware of the latest threats and take steps to protect yourselves.PC Tools’ Malware Research Center has discovered another online Twilight scam, promising viewers they can watch the “New Moon” movie for free. Here’s what really happens:

•    Fans are baited with the text websites, chat rooms and blogs that read: “Watch New Moon Full Movie.” Concurrently, comment posts are filled with related keywords to attract more search engines.

•    Search results for the movie then link users to stolen images from the movie itself, convincing the fan that the movie is only one click away.

•    When they click on the “movie player” they are told to install a "streamviewer".

•    The streamviewer, however, installs malware on the user’s computer.

This is of course part of a larger trend, where cybercriminals use the popularity of current affairs, world events and even movie premieres to attract people who seek free or pirated content.

Our advice is to see films in the cinema. Sure the popcorn is over-priced, but it’s still cheaper than having your bank details taken from your PC and your account drained of funds.

The PC Tools Team

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